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Our Mission

To make passive building a mainstream market force, and accepted best practice in the building industry.  The PHIUS Alliance provides the following benefits and services:

  • A National Forum for building professionals to share their experiences and technical knowledge.
  • A Chapter Structure where building professionals can focus on passive building challenges unique to their climate, regulatory, and other unique requirements.
  • A Main Conduit for the various building industry factions to reach and synchronize with the budding Passive House community.
  • A Network for diseminating the latest passive building science news to members, as well as sharing actual project performance lessons with the research entity PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) for the continued development of the standard in the North America.
  • A Unified Voice to shape national energy efficiency policy and code issues, as well as a city chapter structure that can advance local policy issues.
  • Training Programs to aid professionals in the design and construction of superior high-performance buildings.
  • Dialogue with policy makers at all levels to create laws and codes that provide financial incentives for buildings that meet the Passive House Building Energy Standard.
  • Stimulus for Green Jobs, created right here in the US by working with manufacturers, building professionals, consumers and leading green organizations to nationally reduce energy consumption and improve indoor comfort and health.
  • Incentive and product development assistance to the building material manufacturing industry to make higher performing products to meet the demands of the Passive House Standard
  • Promoting a healthier and more sustainable building approach that addresses the industry’s current responsibility for consuming the largest percentage of US energy production and contributing 47% of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions to the environment.

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