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A program of PHIUS, Passive House Alliance US (PHAUS) provides a chapter/membership structure to support the growing community of passive building professionals in the United States, and to spread the wrod about passive building. Through networking opportunities and other forums, PHAUS members connect with one another and with industry representatives. PHAUS also provides outreach to educate the building community and end users of passive buildings. In partnership with PHIUS technical staff, PHAUS provides training opportunities and disseminates technical information and research. 

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Membership in PHAUS provides the best opportunity to connect with others who want to build resilient, energy efficient, buildings, and to reduce the environmental impact of the built environment. Join the rapidly expanding US and international network of passive building professionals and interested stakeholders who have already discovered that passive building provides one of the best ways to create buildings with better indoor air quality, increased energy efficiency, greater energy independence and reduced carbon emissions. It's also the best path to Net Zero or Net Postive buildings. 

Members gain access and contribution rights to a wealth of passive building tools, data, resources and industry information, as well as discounts on:

• Certified Passive House Consultant's training classes,

• passive house building certifications

• continuing education courses 

• our PHAUS national webinar series

• Annual North American Passive House Conference

• PHAUS/PHIUS events, and more (Membership Levels/Benefits).

Feel geographically challenged to get to a local chapter? Don’t let that stop you from participating. All chapters have GoToWebinar & Skype accounts to facilitate virtual participation. Attend an event in Atlanta from your home on the West Coast. We are striving to connect anyone who is interested in growing with our movement.

When signing up below, to become a member, if you are a PHIUS Certified CPHC® (Certified Passive House Consultant), a PHIUS Certified Builder or a PHIUS+ Rater or Verifier please select the "Professional CPHC" level. All other professionals should select "Professional-nonCPHC". If you are unsure, please email us at

Please allow up to 48 hours for processing. A welcome email will then be sent to you. If you're signing up at the professional level, your user name and password will be on the welcome email for your special access to our members only area.

Small Business Memberships

We now offer a Small Business Group Membership Program for companies wishing to offer membership as a benefit to their employees. The Small Business Group Membership may include up to five (5) members, anchored by a "Small Business Manager" member ($250) and up to four (4) "Small Business Members" ($75). The Small Business Membership program affords all group members all upper level benefits of our professional level membership and results in membership fees as low as $110 per person per year. Please click here to fill out a Small Business Group Membership application.

Payment Options

  1. Register below and click through to pay online via PayPal. (If you have trouble with the form below, please use the green Membership Application buttons (upper right).
  2. If you prefer not to use PayPal, please initiate registration below, and then email to arrange for an alternate online credit card payment invoice.
  3. If you prefer to mail a check, you may either use the registration below until you reach the invoice stage, or the green Membership Application buttons and we will invoice you.
    1. Please print the invoice and include it with your mailed check to:

PHAUS Attn: Membership
53 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1462
Chicago, IL 60604

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BENEFITS Student Associate Professional Small Business Lifetime (No longer offered) Details Local Chapter Membership

BENEFITS Student Associate Professional Small Business Lifetime (No longer offered) Details
Local Chapter Membership

Select a chapter during sign up
Participation Rights - all meetings

Ability to participate in Board Committees

See: About Committees 
Access to Members-Only Data    

Log into Members' Only Area 
Voting  Rights    

Eligibility for Chapter Board Seat    

Pro Membership is req. to 
sit on Chapter Board
Eligibility for PHAUS Board Seat    

Pro Membership is req. to 
sit on PHAUS National Council
Recognition in newsletter & at conference        

Access to special VIP events        

Chapter/Local Events

Local discounts determined by chapter
Online Webinars

Discount by webinar (check program details)
PHIUS Training Programs    

$150 discount off CPHC®
$50 discount off Builders
Check program details for Rater/Verifier discounts

PHIUS PH Building Certifications    

20% discount off standard certification fee
N.American Passive House Conference    

~20% discount off standard admission
Right to use PHAUS Logo

As determined by Logo Guidelines: requires signed agreement
Access to PHAUS Promotional Materials    

Available in Chapter Resources
of Members’ Only Area
MEMBERSHIP FEE $60 $110 $180* $250^ N/A  
      $220** $75^^    

Available in Chapter Resources
of Members’ Only Area
MEMBERSHIP FEE $60 $110 $180* $250^ N/A         $220** $75^^    

*Professionals who are CPHCs®, Builders, Raters or Verifiers (PHIUS Trained) or attended an aforementioned training without Certifying. 
**All other Building Industry Professionals
^Small Business Manager -- required to anchor a Small Business Group
^^Small Business Member -- up to 4 allowed at this rate per Small Business Manager member from the same Company.

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