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Climate Data Sets

PHIUS+ Climate Data Sets are generated using the DRY data method within the software Meteonorm for use in WUFI Passive and PHPP for PHIUS+ design and certification purposes. Due to Meteonorm licensing restrictions, we are unfortunately no longer able to offer climate data sets as a free download.

However, all 1000+ climate data sets which have already been generated by PHIUS are available to download for PHAUS Professional level members at no charge via the Members Only Resource Library. If you are not a PHAUS Professional level member and need an existing data set, please contact for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to requesting a custom climate data set be sure to read the post "Climate Data—When to Request a Custom Dataset" on The Klingenblog to determine whether a custom data set is appropriate for your project.

Check the map to make sure that a suitable climate data set does not already exist for your location. A “custom” data set means that we will generate a new climate data set for you if one does not already exist. If this is the case, inquire with to determine the suitability of a site or to have a custom data set generated.

What does a custom generated dataset cost?

Custom data sets cost $75 for everyone, including PHAUS Members and non-members. Use the PayPal button below to pay the fee and indicate your location. Please contact with any questions or special concerns.






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