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Tech Committee Articles

Published Date Topic Author(s)
Mar 2021 U.S. Grid-Electricity Source Energy Factor for phius 2021 Lisa White
Jan 2020

PHIUS+ 2018 Initial Cost Premium & Source Energy Savings

Graham S. Wright

Oct 2019

WUFI Passive Validation using ASHRAE 140-2017

Lisa White and Jasmine Garland

Oct 2019

PHIUS+ 2018 Space Conditioning Criteria Mid-Cycle Evaluation

Graham S. Wright and Lisa White

Sept 2019

Makeup Air Requirements for Direct Kitchen Hood Exhaust

Lisa White
Aug 2015

Acceptable Air Tightness of Walls in Passive Houses

Mikael Salonvaara and Achilles Karagiozis, Owens Corning
July 2015

Climate Specific Passive Building Standards - Final Report

Graham S. Wright and Katrin Klingenberg
Mar 2015

HRV/ERV Protocol

PHIUS Tech Committee
Mar 2013

Process Loads and their Impact on PHPP Calculations

Adam Cohen
Jan 2013

Heat Pump COP for PHPP
See also Heat Pump Protocol & Calculator 

PHIUS Tech Committee
Dec 2012

Pathfinder Shading Protocols/Calculators (see Calculators and Protocols page)

PHIUS Tech Committee
Aug 2012

Financial Analysis for Passive House

Accompanying Excel Spreadsheet

Graham Irwin
May 2012

Spray Polyurethane Foam: Benefits for Passive Houses
Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation and Passive Houses

American Chemistry Council 
PHIUS Tech Committee

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