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Monitored Project Results

PHIUS has collected actual monitored energy use of a selection PHIUS+ Certified projects. The linked presentation pdf shows real data from projects that have shared their performance. Most of the reported data is monthly utility bills, but some projects do have monitored data collection systems that break down the energy use by end-use. The data collected is plotted against the monthly energy use predictions from the WUFI Passive energy model. 

On average, WUFI Passive models are coming in plus/minus 7 percent of actual monitored energy consumption!

Format: The charts all show months along the X-axis, and Monthly Energy Use (kWh) on the y-axis. The dotted lines are predicted energy use, while the solid lines show actual energy use. 

If you would like to share your data with PHIUS, please fill out this form.

PHIUS Monitored Projects - Sept. 16th, 2019

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