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No. 1797 Project 8th and Berks Senior Living Status Pre-certified
Builder Location Philadelphia, PA
QA/QC Rater Bruce Thompson Architecture Planning PZS Architects Mechanical Systems Designer Advanced Engineering, Inc.
Constr. Type Timber Bldg. Function Multifamily Floor Area 39219
Project Type New Construction HERS Index LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days Cooling Degree Days
Units Certification Type PHIUS+2015 Certification Date
Exterior Wall Wood-framed and stack-framed. The exterior walls consist of 2x6 studs with R-21 fiberglass insulation supporting wood trusses at floors. Wall sheathing is Zip system sheathing with taped seams, R-10 2" XPS outboard of the sheathing, and either brick with an airspace or fiber cement cladding over furring strips.
Floor The floor is a slab-on-grade foundation supported by traditional spread footings. The slab sits atop a 10mil polyethylene vapor barrier and continuous R-10 2" XPS insulation.
Roof The roof consists of sloped top-chord trusses with R-49 8" polyisocyanurate rigid insulation continuous above the roof sheathing. The roof membrane is white EPDM.
Window Frame 4.82 width, U-0.2, glazing-to-frame psi value of 0.023, frame-to-wall psi-value of 0.015.
Window Glazing Intus U-0.16 , SHGC 0.34.
Entrance Door Intus U-0.17
Ventilation Individual ERVs at dwelling units along with individual ERVs at corridors and common areas.
Heating System VRF system for heating and cooling.
Submitter Vaughan Piccolo
Air-tightness 0.05 cfm50/sf
Cooling System VRF system for heating and cooling.
Additional Consultants MacIntosh Engineering (structural) and Bohler Engineering (civil)
Additional Notes

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