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No. 1737 Project Nevill's Creek Passive House Status Pre-certified
Lead CPHC Kristina Held
Builder Scott Gurganus, Watermark Homes of North Carolina Location Blounts Creek, NC
QA/QC Rater William Nickerson Architecture Planning Kristina Held, AIA, CPHC, LEED BD + C Mechanical Systems Designer Steve Schreiner PLA, CPHC, LEED AP BD+C
Constr. Type Mixed timber-masonry Bldg. Function Single Family Floor Area 2027
Project Type New Construction HERS Index LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days 2418 Cooling Degree Days 2101
Units 1 Certification Type PHIUS+2018 - PHIUS+ Source Zero Certification Date
Exterior Wall Lower Level: 8" CMU with self-draining STUCCO on the outside. 2" rigid insulation with 2x4" studs filled with mineral wool batts, 5/8" gypsum board. Upper Level: Metal Wall Panels on battens, over 3" continuous insulation, over WRB on plywood sheathing on 2x6 wd studs filled with batts, Intello, 2 1/2" electrical chase, 5/8" gyp. bd.
Floor Lower Level: 4" slab on grade, over 10 mm vapor barrier, on 2" XPS, over crushed stone Upper Level: hardwood floors over underlayment paper, plywood on 16" wood trusses filled with battens, 2" rigid insulation under trusses, 5/8" gyp. bd on furring strips.
Roof Standing Seam Metal Roof over high-heat felt paper on waterproofing membrane on 3/4" plywood on 2x10 rafters filled with battens. 2x4 lower trusses filled with battens, Intello, 3" rigid insulation, battens, 5x8" gyp. bd. Vented roof system. external gutters and downspouts.
Window Frame Frame U-value (BTU/h∙ft²∙°F) 0.23
Window Glazing Glazing Ucog (Btu/hr·ft2·F) 0.09
Entrance Door Frame U-value (BTU/h∙ft²∙°F) 0.37 Glazing Ucog (Btu/hr·ft2·F) 0.09 from the garage: U - 0.14 (Therma-Tru door with multi-point lock and compression sill) Frame filled with spray foam.
Ventilation Energy Recovery Ventilator: RenewAire EV200 Supplemental Dehumidifier: Ultra-Aire 98H
Heating System M-Series - Mitsubishi Electric Indoor Unit SVZ-KP12NA Outdoor Unit: SUZ_KA12@NA2
Submitter Kristina Held
Air-tightness 0.06 cfm/ft²
Cooling System M-Series - Mitsubishi Electric Indoor Unit SVZ-KP12NA Outdoor Unit: SUZ_KA12@NA2
Additional Consultants William H Nickerson, PHIUS+ RATER.
Additional Notes

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