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No. 1379 Project Spring House - Maison des sources Status Certified
Lead CPHC Chris West
Sarah Cobb
Builder William Murray and Sarah Cobb Location Abercorn, QC
QA/QC Rater Ross Elliott Architecture Planning Rebecca Bourque, William Murray & Sarah Cobb Mechanical Systems Designer Chris West and Climatisation Roger Demers
Constr. Type Mixed timber-masonry Bldg. Function Single Family Floor Area 1432
Project Type New Construction HERS Index 34 LEED Rating Platinum
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days 7898 Cooling Degree Days 505
Units 1 Certification Type PHIUS+2015 Certification Date March 2, 2018
Exterior Wall 17" double stud wall with 1.5" service cavity inside and 1.5" of Eco4 insulation board (like Gutex)
Floor Slab: 9" EPS with 3" rat slab on top
Roof 30" cellulose, vented sloped roof (scissor or parallel truss)
Window Frame Klearwall Future Proof windows (Uframe=0.15 Btu/sq ft*hr*F)
Window Glazing Ug=0.088
Entrance Door Klearwall Aluclad
Ventilation Zehnder Comfoair 350 with Comfofond glycol loop
Heating System Mitsubishi minisplits - MSZ-FH12 and MSZ-FH15
Submitter Chris West
Air-tightness 0.005 CFM50/ft2, 0.10 ACH50
Cooling System Mitsubishi minisplits - MSZ-FH12 and MSZ-FH15
Additional Consultants Chris West CPHC, Ecohouses of Vermont
Additional Notes

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