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No. 1347 Project Acorn Glade Status Certified
Lead CPHC Tom Bassett-Dilley
Builder Evolutionary Home Builders Location Downers Grove, IL
QA/QC Rater EcoAchievers Architecture Planning Tom Bassett-Dilley Architects Mechanical Systems Designer Tom Bassett-Dilley Architects
Constr. Type Timber Bldg. Function Single Family Floor Area 1785
Project Type New Construction HERS Index 38 LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days 6430 Cooling Degree Days 750
Units 1 Certification Type PHIUS+2018 - PHIUS+ Source Zero Certification Date December 4, 2019
Exterior Wall Total R-Value: 44.99 Structure: 2x6 wall with mineral wool batts Air-tight layer: Plywood with fluid-applied air barrier Vapor Control: fluid-applied barrier Exterior Insulation: 6" EPS Cladding: Vented rainscreen with fiberboard cladding/corrugated metal siding
Floor Total R-Value: 21.42 Structure: 4" slab on grade Insulation: 5" EPS below slab Air-tight layer: 15 mil poly above EPS Vapor Control: 15 mil poly above EPS
Roof Total R-Value: 87.45 Structure: Manufactured trusses, 24" O.C. Insulation: 24" loose-fill cellulose Air-tight layer: interior taped plywood
Window Frame Window Manufacturer/Type: Zola Thermo uPVC Frame Material: uPVC Frame U-value: 0.176 Glazing-to-frame psi-value: 0.021
Window Glazing Window Manufacturer/Type: Zola Thermo uPVC Glass SHGC: 0.5 Glass U-value: 0.101
Entrance Door Manufacturer Make/Model: Zola Thermowood Entry Door Whole Door R-value: 0.1701
Ventilation Manufacturer Make/Model: Build Equinox CERV Sensible Recovery Efficiency: 75% Humidity Recovery Efficiency: 40% Fan Efficiency: 0.5 W/cfm Filtration: MERV 13
Heating System Air Source Heat Pump Make/Model: Mitsubishi Electric MUZ-FH12NA/MSZ-FH12NA Heating COP @ 17F: 2.58 Heating COP @ 47F: 3.85 Non-Ducted
Submitter Tom Bassett-Dilley
Air-tightness 0.0316
Cooling System Heat Pump Manufacturer Make/Model: Mitsubishi Electric MUZ-FH12NA/MSZ-FH12NA SEER: 23.0 EER: 12.9
Additional Consultants Goodfriend-Magruder Structure
Additional Notes HERS Index: -5 (with solar) PV System Size: 9.72 kW Array Orientation: 189 Array Tilt: 18 Number of Panels: 27

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