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No. 1326 Project Elm Place Multifamily Project Status Certified
Lead CPHC Chris West
Builder Location Milton, VT
QA/QC Rater Karen Bushey Architecture Planning Mechanical Systems Designer
Constr. Type Timber Bldg. Function Multifamily Floor Area 27690
Project Type New Construction HERS Index LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days Cooling Degree Days
Units 30 Certification Type PHIUS+2015 Certification Date July 21, 2017
Exterior Wall Sheetrock .625" Fiberglass HD 2x6 stud wall 24 oc OSB 0.5" Poly Iso 4"
Floor Vinyl Flooring 0.75" Concrete 5.00" Metal 0.01" Air Gap w/Steel I beam 15' between 24.00" Fiberglass HD 14.00" Fiberboard 0.63" Parging 0.5"
Roof Two kinds of roofs 18" truss with HD Fiberglass with 4" Polyiso on top 12" Truss with HD Fiberglass with 4" Polyiso on top
Window Frame U=0.13
Window Glazing U=0.11 high SHGC U=1.008 Low SHGC
Entrance Door Glazed Doors Schuco Uframe: 0.13 Glazing: 0.11 SHGC : 0.47
Ventilation Daikin ERU Renuwaire HE 1.5 X
Heating System Mixture: Air to Air Heat pumps (Mitsubishi Hyper Heat) Small amount of Electric Resistance
Submitter Chris West
Air-tightness 0.05 CFM50 / ft2 envelope area
Cooling System
Additional Consultants
Additional Notes

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