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No. 1249 Project Viridescent House Status Certified
Lead CPHC Edward Pais
Builder R&G Bilodeau Carpentry and Electrical Location Falmouth, ME
QA/QC Rater Diane Schless Architecture Planning Briburn - Christopher Briley, Architect, CPHC Mechanical Systems Designer Briburn
Constr. Type Timber Bldg. Function Single Family Floor Area 1470
Project Type New Construction HERS Index 0 LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating 3.0 Heating Degree Days 6383 Cooling Degree Days
Units 1 Certification Type PHIUS+ Certification Date March 15, 2016
Exterior Wall Vapor-open Larsen truss walls. From the inside out, the assembly is as follows: -Gypsum Wall Board -2x4 stud wall 24" O.C. filled with Formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation -Advantech Zip sheathing sealed as class one vapor barrier and primary air sealing layer. -11 7/8" wood I-joists aligned with studs and fastened through sheathing. Cavity filled with dense packed cellulose. -WRB. Siga Majvest, taped and sealed as secondary air barrier. -Cross strapping. To retain the insulation and create a rainscreen ventilation space. -Siding. Torrified Poplar and Fiber cement Panels
Floor Frost protected polished concrete slab, over reinforced poly vapor barrier, over 8" of type IX EPS insulation
Roof Vapor-open inverted roof. From the inside out, the assembly is as follows: -Gypsum wall board -Advantech Zip sheathing (Yes, on the underside of the trusses so that shell testing can occur earlier and to act as the vapor control layer) -Roof trusses. Cavities filled with dense packed cellulose. -WRB- Siga Majcoat -1 1/2" Diagonal Strapping for insulation retention and ventilation. -Standing seam metal roof
Window Frame Intus UPVC european tilt-turn and fixed units. Uf=0.167
Window Glazing Triple Pane. Ug=0.88 (european testing), SHGC=0.494
Entrance Door Intus French Door, values almost identical to windows.
Ventilation Air Pohoda iERV. (combination ERV and HRV) constantly and efficiently provides fresh air to the building occupants (roughly .3 air changes an hour) and monitors the supply and exhaust air’s humidity and temperature and continually balances their exchange within its core to optimize performance.
Heating System Mitsubishi High efficiency Ductless Mini-split heat pumps (with hyper heat)
Submitter Edward Pais
Air-tightness 0.45 ACH50
Cooling System Ductless mini-split
Additional Consultants Landscape Architect: Cowels Design Studio, Structural Engineering: L&L Engineering, Solar: Revision Energy, PHIUS Rater: Horizon Maine, Passive House Consultant: Edward Pais, Interirors: Birkbeck Design
Additional Notes Substantial Renewables. Net Positive (19.4 kW array, generates far more than it consumes)

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