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No. 1238 Project Esta bien (Clarence trust property) Status Pre-certified
Lead CPHC Joseph Zimmer
Builder John Widell Construction Location Lake Geneva (Jainsville/Rock County, WI climate data set), WI
QA/QC Rater Architecture Planning Joseph Zimmer, Architect, CPHC, ALA, ICC Mechanical Systems Designer Joseph Zimmer, Architect, CPHC, ALA, ICC
Constr. Type Timber Bldg. Function Single Family Floor Area 4353
Project Type Addition HERS Index LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days 6579 Cooling Degree Days 323
Units 1 Certification Type PHIUS+ Certification Date
Exterior Wall 2x4 at 16" o.c. filled with high density blown-in, OSB sheathing/air and vapor barrier, 2 layers 6" type II EPS insulation with staggered seams, 1x2 vertical furring (vented) at aligned with wall framing and secured with long (timber) screws, engineered wood siding. Majority of interior finish is horizontal 1x_ wood with open gap seam to allow blown-in insulation in wall framing cavity to dry to the interior.
Floor Concrete slab over 2 layers of type II EPS with staggered seams and polyethylene sheet with butyl tape seams and penetrations at basement and portion of first floor. Small portion of 2nd floor exposed to ambient (outdoor) air over covered porch is wood I-joists and butyl tape air sealed t&g plywood decking, high density blown-in insulation, 2" type II EPS insulation and sealeant air sealed enginned wood panel soffit/ceiling finish.
Roof 12.25" SIPs (7/16" OSB, 11.375" type II EPS, 7/16" OSB) with 11.8125" Nailbase (7/16" OSB, 11.375" type II EPS) overlay. Bottom of SIPs seams sealed with butyl tape and covered with artist'scanvas. Top of Nailbase covered with butyl wetherbarrier sheet that is also a slip sheet for standing seam metal roofing.
Window Frame Wasco Windows Geneo Series (Rehau UPVC components) 115 mm sash width. EPS overinsulation at heads and jambs.
Window Glazing Tripple pane LoE 180 3mm with Ucog /= 0.57.
Entrance Door Wasco Windows Geneo Series (Rehau UPVC components) 142 mm sash at entry doors, and 115mm at balcony doors.
Ventilation Ultimate Air RecoupAerator 200DX with liquid to air preconditioning coil.
Heating System American water heater Polaris combination space heating and water (potable) heating gas fire heater. Space heating via open direct piping loops embedded in concrete floor slabs and toppings. 2 zone mini split heat pump with single condenser/inverter and 2 air handling evaporators.
Submitter Joseph Zimmer
Cooling System Water piping piping loops within first floor slab and 1st and 2nd floor concrete topiings allowing water from well (< 55 degF) to flow through floors in route to landscape irricgation or farm animal drinking water hose faucets. 2 zone mini split heat pump with single condenser/inverter and 2 air handling evaporators
Additional Consultants
Additional Notes Wall between Passive House addition and existing to be air sealed to isolate addition to allow for air leakage test. Existing portion of residence will have energy retrofits, but because project will not include replacement of reduction in area of windows and glazed doors, it is not pursuing Passive House framework metric.

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