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No. 1201 Project ecoMOD South - South Boston Status Certified
Lead CPHC Barbara Gehrung
Builder Cardinal Homes, Wylliesburg, VA Location South Boston, VA
QA/QC Rater N/A Architecture Planning University of Virginia, ecoMOD South Project Team: John Quale, ecoMOD Project Director / Associate Professor; Michael Britt, Project Manager; Elizabeth Jennings-Rivard, Project Manager; Beth Bailey, Landscape Architecture Research Assistant; Erik de los Mechanical Systems Designer Galen Staengl P.E., Staengl Engineering, Charlottesville VA
Constr. Type Timber Bldg. Function Single Family Floor Area 1361
Project Type New Construction HERS Index LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days 4257 Cooling Degree Days
Units Certification Type PHIUS+ Certification Date December 2, 2013
Exterior Wall Rain Screen Siding (Nichiha Fiber Cement / Bark Siding), 1" Mineral Wool, Weather Resistive Barrier, 10" SIP Panel (all seams, exterior and interior taped to form continuous air barrier), 3.5" service cavity with mineral wool batt insulation, drywall
Floor Unheated Basement, PT Mudsill w/ Termite Shield, OSB Sheatgood, 12" TJI w/ Densepack Cellulose, 3/4" Plywood Subfloor, taped at seams to form continuos air barrier, floating hardwood floor
Roof Unvented Roof. Gypsum Board, ProClima Intello Membrane, taped at seams, 10" SIP, taped at seams to form continous air barrier, roofing foam (either polyiso board or polyeurethane closed cell sprayfoam), roofing material either spray appied coat or EPDM/TPO membrane
Window Frame Serious 725 Fiberglass Terrace Door: Zola Alu Plus
Window Glazing Serious 725 High Solar Heat Gain Glazing (Abingdon), Low Solar Heat Gain Glazing (South Boston) Terrace Door Zola High Solar Heat Gain Glazing, both locations
Entrance Door Zola Alu Plus / Zola High Solar Heat Gain Glazing (Abingdon) Zola Alu / Zola Low Solar Heat Gain Glazing (South Boston)
Ventilation Ultimate Air Recoupaerator 200DX
Heating System Ducted Fujitsu Minisplit - see enclosed mechanical drawings and specs
Submitter Barbara Gehrung
Air-tightness 0.4 ACH50
Cooling System
Additional Consultants Barbara Gehrung, Dipl.-Ing.Arch, CPHC, bg design & consulting llc, Charlottesville VA
Additional Notes Research Project funded by Tobacco Commission of Virginia - Comparative Study of Affordable, Prefabricated, Modular Housing Units for two locations - South Boston VA and Abingdon VA. Project Team consists of Research Partners, Industry Partners, Affordable Housing Partners, Local Communities.

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