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No. 1170 Project Sol Lux Alpha Status Certified
Lead CPHC Graham Irwin
Builder Sarter Construciton & Design, Inc; DBA Off The Grid Design Location San Francisco, CA
QA/QC Rater Steve Mann Architecture Planning rg-architecture Mechanical Systems Designer Kyle Roberts, "Precision Air Services Inc.", MHC Engineers
Constr. Type Timber Bldg. Function Multifamily Floor Area 6664
Project Type New Construction HERS Index LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days 2317 Cooling Degree Days
Units 4 Certification Type PHIUS+ - PHIUS+ Source Zero Certification Date April 6, 2018
Exterior Wall Advanced Wood Frame, double dens glass exterior, double gypsum interior, bibbed and blown denspack fiberglass insulation
Floor TJI + LVL, R-30 between floors
Roof 16" TJI, 5" open cell foam, dens-pck fiberglass; Full property line BIPV Array
Window Frame Klearwall PassiV AluClad windows, AluClad Lift and Glide Sliding Doors
Window Glazing Klearwall (low STC dual glazing)
Entrance Door Custom Designed 90 min. Fire Rated, ADA Compliant, by Off The Grid Design
Ventilation Air Pahoda ERV (one ea. unit)
Heating System LG Minisplit H.P. (One HP, 2 zones per unit)
Submitter Graham Irwin
Air-tightness 0.032 cfm50/ft2
Cooling System L.G. Mini-split heat pump (One HP, 2 zones per unit)
Additional Consultants Standberg Engineering, Zeiger Enginers (EE), Terry Nordbye; "Air Sealing Specialties", Mike Muha; "Pure Elcectric", PAS Inc. for Solar and ESS consulting and installation, TESLA Energy for ESS Engineering, Blue Planet Energy for ESS Engineering
Additional Notes 45 kW total (7.7 kWper unit) PV Array by Sunpreme and Off The Grid Design; 162 kWh ESS by TESLA Energy, 24 kWh ESS by Blue PLanet Energy

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