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No. 1066 Project EcoCor House Status Certified
Builder EcoCor Design/Build Location Knox, ME
QA/QC Rater Architecture Planning EcoCor Design/Build Mechanical Systems Designer EcoCor Design/Build
Constr. Type Timber Bldg. Function Single Family Floor Area 1140
Project Type New Construction HERS Index LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days 7345 Cooling Degree Days
Units 1 Certification Type PHIUS+ Certification Date October 31, 2012
Exterior Wall Hybrid double wall system. 2 x 4 OVE interior load bearing wall, insulated with mineral wool and sheathed with 1/2 " OSB (air barrier). Exterior "box beam wall assembly non load bearing, insulated with dense pack cellulose 3.5 lb, and sheathed with a high perm recycled sheathing. 38+ perms. R 58.3 assembly
Floor SFPF 8' monolithic "raft" slab on grade. 12 in of sub slab insulation comprised of type IX EPS. 12 in of Perimeter insulation connected to a 3.5 ft horizontal frost wing. R- 54+
Roof Textbook cold roof. Factory built manufactured trusses system engineered for snow loads. Insulated with 30+ in of loose fill cellulose. R-80
Window Frame Intus Windows Eforte Frames U- .1673
Window Glazing Intus Windows Guardian Glass Ug - .106 SHGC - .494
Entrance Door Intus Same values as windows.
Ventilation Zehnder CA 200 left hand. PHI certified 92% efficient .25 W/cfm
Heating System Mitsubishi ASHP MSZ-FE12NA Hyper heat MUZ-FE12NA 1500W Electric Resistance Baseboard Back-up
Submitter Christian Corson
Air-tightness .28 ACH/50 and dropping
Cooling System Mitubishi ASHP
Additional Consultants EcoCor Design/Build and Zero Energy Design
Additional Notes Much additional consideration was given to achieve truly thermal bridge free construction. All critical connections in the house have achieved - Psi values except for the Psi Install, thus decreasing heating demand considerably. Air sealing is the 21st century craftsmanship.

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