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No. 1043 Project New American Foursquare Status Certified
Lead CPHC David Peabody
Builder O'Neill Development, Inc. Location Bethesda, MD
QA/QC Rater Chris Conway Architecture Planning Peabody Architects Mechanical Systems Designer Foley Mechanical, Inc.
Constr. Type Mixed timber-masonry Bldg. Function Single Family Floor Area 3674
Project Type New Construction HERS Index LEED Rating
Energy Star Rating Heating Degree Days 2944 Cooling Degree Days 2978
Units 1 Certification Type PHIUS+ Certification Date January 1, 2012
Exterior Wall 8" SIP panels covered with 1-1/2" EPS foam above grade. 10" concrete with 4" EPS outside, 2" EPS and 3-1/2" fiberglass inside.
Floor 4" Concrete basement slab with 4" EPS foam below
Roof 12" SIP panels
Window Frame Thermotech extruded fiberglass with EPS insulation.
Window Glazing Cardinal triple glazing. HSHG at north and south. LSHG at east and west. Total unit R value for operable casements approx. R7.
Entrance Door Mastergrain fiberglass doors with EPS insulation in Thermotech frames.
Ventilation 2 ducted Zehnder ComfoAir 350 units in two zones. Air pre-tempered by ground loop of glycol and water running to heat exchanger in intake duct.
Heating System Hot water from DHW boiler runs to heat exchanger in ductwork. Back-up heat available from heat pumps (see cooling section).
Submitter David Peabody
Air-tightness .48 ACH at 50
Cooling System Mitsubishi City Multi minisplit heat pump. One air handler unit for second and third floors; one for basement and first floors. Air handlers are ducted into ERV duct system for fulling integrated heating and cooling. In ventilation mode ERV fans drive system; in heating and cooling mode air handlers drive system. Variant refrigerant flow and variable speed fans allow delivering as low as 1/2 ton per unit and up to 1-1/2 tons per unit.
Additional Consultants Michael Lebeau
Additional Notes

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