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PHIUS+ 2018 Core

In certain circumstances such as high unit density, it's problematic to meet the PHIUS+ 2018 targets on-site. For these cases, PHIUS now offers PHIUS+ Core. PHIUS+ Core retains PHIUS+ 2018's conservation target, but enables project teams to certify utilizing only on-site measures.  

Source Energy

What’s the same

  • Source energy used for overall energy budget
  • Source Zero available as add-on certification

Different for PHIUS Core

  • On-site renewable energy offset is calculated based on coincident production and use (utilization fraction)
  • Source Energy limit is applied to the calculated net of the estimated utilization fraction of on-site PV or other renewable electricity generation 
  • Off-site renewable energy generation is not counted.

The PHIUS Core Source energy targets are:

  • Residential: 5500 kWh/person/yr
  • Non-Residential: 38 kBTU/ft2.yr (120 kWh/ m2 yr)

Space Conditioning & Air-Tightness

What’s the same

  • Refer to all protocol under PHIUS+ 2018


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