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Program Overview

The PHIUS Certified Ventilator Product Program (now in pilot phase) provides performance data needed for passive building energy modeling, and gives recognition to units that are particularly suitable.

Though other third-party ratings for heat-recovery and energy-recovery ventilators are serviceable or adaptable for passive building energy modeling, each has some drawbacks.

The PHIUS Certified Ventilator program has these main features:

  • Thermal performance and electrical performance numbers are reported separately.
  • The overall figure of merit is a coefficient of performance - a ratio of heat recovered to electrical energy input - like the metrics used for air conditioners and active solar heat systems. Units that meet a minimum COP are Recommended.  
  • For ERVs, latent performance is reported for both heating and cooling season conditions.
  • The scope includes units that use vapor-compression cycles.  
  • The program has random Verification testing and Challenge provisions, but the Verification burden is reduced for low-volume manufacturers.  

With respect to building project certification, PHIUS-Certified Ventilators join the list of accepted third-party ratings (HVI, PHI, AHRI).  


Submitting Your Product to the Program

For more information about the program, or if you have any questions, please contact Graham Wright, PHIUS Senior Scientist and Product Program Manager, at

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