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QA/QC Training Programs


The PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard is the first passive building certification program to integrate a third party quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) professional into the certification process. The PHIUS certified QA/QC professional:

  • Verifies plans and energy models at the design stage for compliance with certification requirements.
  • Performs onsite testing and inspection during multiple site visits to ensure project is built as designed.

PHIUS+ 2015 project certification recognizes that QA/QC is especially critical for passive buildings, where airtightness and superinsulation require special attention to detail at both the design and construction stages. 

PHIUS provides two training programs for QA/QC professionals who wish to participate in the PHIUS+ building certification process. Click on the respective links below for more detailed information:


  • The PHIUS+ Rater Program focuses on single-family residential projects. The two-day course, geared toward experienced RESNET and BPI professionals, provides grounding in passive building principles as well as a guide to onsite quality assurance for the PHIUS+ program. 

  • The PHIUS+ Verifier Program qualifies professionals to execute QA/QC on large-scale multifamily and commercial buildings. Verifiers learn protocols specific to low- and mid-rise projects. 


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