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PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder Training

Builder's Training Class, Urbana, Illinois

Continuing Education

Builders Training Earns

32.5 CPHC CEU 32.5 AIA HSW
12.75 BPI CEU  

Become a PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder (CPHB)!

Superinsulation, airtight envelopes, high-performance window installation, site management, component sourcing—passive house construction presents special challenges to builders. The PHIUS CPHB training program prepares construction professionals to meet the passive house challenge.

Instructors bring a wealth of knowledge having built dozens of successful passive house projects. Topics range from design theory and climate-specific detailing to materials, techniques, project management, and quality assurance.

The course offers real-world ins ights into on-site implementation as well as counseling and advice on both the practical and business concerns specific to passive house. The material covers not only craftsmanship, but also risks and liability to the passive house contractor and guidance in both problem-solving and (more importantly) problem avoidance.

Full Program:

  • Phase I: An 8-hour online prep course completed prior to the Phase II training
  • Phase II: Live instruction for 8 days, online delivery, 3 hours per day over two weeks
  • Approximately 32 hours of instruction

Exam Due Date = first Monday after 3 weeks

Course Highlights

  • Learn general passive house principles
  • Classroom and field focus on envelope issues
  • HVAC considerations and testing
  • Cost optimization/bidding
  • QA/QC process


To become a PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder, trainees must:

  • Complete and return the qualifying exam within three weeks of completing class (exam requires separate registration, see below)
  • Earn a passing grade of 75%
  • Supply evidence of construction industry experience and proof of licensure & insurance for jurisdictions where they are required

CPHBs are listed on the PHIUS online database of Certified Builders, and are licensed to use the PHIUS Certified Builder logo and accompanying recommended language.

Continuing Education:

Completion of this course qualifies trainees for the following credits:

  • AIA: 32.5 hours of HSW Learning Units
  • BPI: 12.75 CEU
  • CPHC: 32.5 CEU

Training Registration

The PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder training program is administered by RDH Building Science Inc., one of the leading building science consulting firms within the United States and Canada. This training has been developed by PHIUS in conjunction with RDH's training and publication professionals dedicated to sharing RDH's building science and enclosure design knowledge with the industry.

Please use the forms below to register for our upcoming trainings:

Location Class Dates Class Times Exam Start Date Exam Due Date Register

October 2020

Oct 12 - 15
Oct 19 - 22

2:00pm - 5:00pm EDT

Oct 22

Nov 9

CPHB October Online 2020
December 2020

Dec 1 - 4 and
Dec 8 - 11

12:00pm - 3:00pm EDT Dec 11 Jan 11 CPHB Online December 2020
January 2021

Jan 11 - 14
Jan 18 - 21

2:00pm - 5:00pm EDT Jan 21 Feb 22 CPHB January Online 2021

Exam Registration (All locations)

  • Exam Fee: $95

Students must complete and return the PHIUS Certified Builder Exam within three weeks of completing the three-day, in-class component of CPHB training. The exam is available on the last day of any currently scheduled CPHB training session.

CPHB Phase I/ II Cancellation

  • 100% Refund Available: 30+ business days prior to the start of the course*
  • 75% Refund Available: 20 business days prior to the start of the course*
  • No Refund Available: 10 business days prior to the start of the course*

*The start of the course is defined as the first day of live instruction

CPHB Phase I/ II Rescheduling

  • $0 rescheduling fee is imposed for changing Phase II enrollment dates 30+ business days prior to the start of the course
  • $25 rescheduling fee will be imposed for any changes to Phase II enrollment dates less than 30 business days prior to the start of the course

CPHB Exam Cancellation

  • 100% Refund Available: 30+ business days prior to the listed exam date
  • No Refund Available: < 30 business days prior to the listed exam date

CPHB Exam Rescheduling

  • $25 rescheduling fee for rescheduling exam. Students can reschedule the exam on any date prior to the due date for the current exam they are registered in

Register below:

Maintaining the PHIUS Certified Builder Credential 

nominal maintenance fee will be billed on a yearly basis starting on January 15, 2018. One listing fee will be due per professional regardless of the number of certified credentials held by that professional. (For example a CPHC® who is also a Certified Builder, will be subject to a single maintenance fee.)

The fee will help maintain and improve the listing database and assist in the development of the continuing education programs for all professionals.

PHIUS Certified Builders can maintain/extend their certification status through either one of the following methods:

1. Build a PHIUS+ Certified Passive Building Project

Successfully building a project within three years after the professional’s certification date will maintain/extend the Builder’s professional credential status by an additional three years.

2. Take and Pass the Current Builder Exam

Successfully completing the Builder exam will maintain/extend the Builder’s professional credential status by three years. Trainees have until 12 calendar months from the conclusion of their specific class to start an exam cycle.

If Builder Certification Expires:

  • A Builder who fails to meet one of the above requirements by their expiration date will be removed from the Builder database and their credential will no longer be considered valid.
  • A Builder whose certification status has expired can reactivate their certification by taking and passing the current Builder exam

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