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The PHIUS IAC needs manufacturers of the following components and materials:

  • Air sealing systems
  • Monitoring & diagnostic equipment
  • Connectors & anchoring systems
  • Moisture vapor control barriers
  • Heat pumps/space conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Hot water
  • Wall/roofing systems
  • Insulation
  • Windows, doors and day lighting
  • Lighting & appliances

To learn more about the IAC and how to become a member, contact:

Mike Knezovich, IAC Chairman

Leading High Performance Building

If you’re a high-performance building component manufacturer, here’s a way to join forces to facilitate and shape critical research, gain market intelligence, speed innovation, and expand the high performance building market.

It’s called the PHIUS High Performance Building Industry Advisory Council (IAC).


The passive building industry has come a long, long way in the new millennium. That’s due in no small part to visionary and courageous manufacturers who have stepped up to provide the high performance building components and materials that were previously seen as esoteric, or simply unavailable in the domestic market.

The efforts of these manufactures have helped move passive building from a novelty to a force: The PHIUS+ Passive Building Certification is now recognized by leading architects and builders, the U.S. Department of Energy, and state and municipal building code agencies across the United States and around the world. More than one million square feet of projects have been pre- or fully certified by PHIUS, with twice that in the certification pipeline.

We have built the foundation to make passive building the mainstream standard.

The Next Level

The PHIUS Technical Committee, a voluntary board of leading building scientists, sets—by a consensus process—technical standards for project and building component certification.

To date, the Technical Committee has worked hand-in-hand—but informally—with the relatively small number of high-performance component manufacturers.

As the industry has matured and grown, PHIUS recognized the need to build a mechanism for interfacing with manufacturers, and, with pioneering manufacturers, founded the IAC.

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The IAC: Strength in Numbers

IAC members gain access and input to the PHIUS Technical Committee and the PHIUS Board of Directors to identify and fund research projects with the goal of advancing high performance passive building products, assemblies, science and building energy codes.

  • As a member of the IAC, your company can bring real-world field and market experience to the Technical Committee. Your input and funding can help shape and execute research priorities to advance the high performance building industry. The PHIUS Technical Committee needs your input to ensure that high performance building products/assemblies are functional, practical, and cost-effective.
  • In collaboration with the IAC, the PHIUS Technical Committee generates credible research and publications that the industry can use for product development and marketing. For example, PHIUS and the IAC are embarking on a project collecting monitoring data from 30 projects of various types to provide hard, real-world performance numbers. Moving forward, the IAC will:
    1. Enable the publishing of results of research projects in white papers and at the North American Passive House Conference.
    2. Integrate research findings into PHIUS+ standards, building certifications, and PHIUS training curricula.
    3. Inform PHIUS product certification and approval programs for a broad variety of products (see inset).
  • In addition, IAC members share experience and information, and can explore possible areas of cooperation, such as joint ventures.

Finally, IAC members will be given prominent visibility in PHIUS and PHAUS communications events as high-performance building industry leaders.

To learn more about the IAC and how to become a member, contact:

Mike Knezovich, IAC Chairman

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