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Submitting a Project

Submitting a Project for PHIUS+ Certification

Please register your project as early in the design process as possible to allow time for full design review and consultation during the design stage, and to accommodate on-site QA/QC protocols. Contact the Certification Team at with any questions.

Step 1: Pre-Process Paperwork

Step 2: Register & Pay

  • Register using links below (see Fee Structure details below).
  • Payment may be made online (PayPal), or via mail by including the invoice received upon completing registration.

Step 3: Create a Project

  • Log into the PHIUS+ Project Database using your CPHC login credentials.
  • If necessary, PHIUS will create an account or give you access to submit the project if you do not already have login credentials. PHIUS trained CPHCs will have already received their login details upon becoming certified. 
  • Create a new project entry. This project entry will not become publically visible until the project is pre-certified, so do not worry about entering project details at this time.
  • Once the project entry has been created, PHIUS will create a DropBox folder for the project and invite the Submitter to the folder. The Submitter may invite other members of the project team to the folder as well. 
  • Upload project documentation into the appropriate sub-folders within the DropBox.
  • Once documentation is ready for review, please inform PHIUS ( that all documents have been prepared and uploaded to the DropBox.
  • Only once all documentation has been received and PHIUS has been notified will the project be added to the Project Certification Review Queue.
  • Please remember that a project review cannot begin until payment and an executed contract are complete.

* NOTE: All projects registered with PHIUS after September 15, 2015 must certify under the PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard. Please click here for effective dates of all PHIUS+ Certification requirements.

iCFA 0-2,500 ft2 2501-4500 ft2 4501+ ft2 Hourly Rate
Base Fee $1,500 $2,000


PHIUS Professional (CPHC, Builder) & PHAUS Member $1,275 $1,700 Custom* $125

*For projects 4501 square feet and larger, a custom quote is required. To request a quote, please email and provide the estimated iCFA (see Section of the PHIUS+ Certification Guidebook v1.1). 

Here are estimated fees for larger buildings:

iCFA  10,000 ft2 20,000 ft2 50,000 ft2 100,000 ft2 200,000 ft2 500,000 ft2
Base Fee $4,000 $6,7 50 $11,875 $16,250 $21,875 $33,125
PHIUS Professional (CPHC, Builder) & PHAUS Member $3,400 $6,150 $11,275 $15,650 $21,275 $32,525

CPHCs that are also PHAUS Professional Members receive a 15% discount, up to $600.

Non-Profit Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity are eligible for a larger discount, by request. 

PHIUS+ Feasibility Study

Unsure if PHIUS+ Certification is feasible for your project? Need to supply documentation to government, funding, or granting agencies to demonstrate that your project can meet PHIUS+ standards? Order a Feasibility Study!

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