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PHIUS+ Certification Overview

U.S. DOE's Sam Rashkin on passive house and PHIUS+

Find your PHIUS+ 2015 performance targets and learn more about the new standard

PHIUS+ Certification is Growing Exponentially

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PHIUS+ is the largest, fastest-growing passive building certification program in North America. PHIUS-trained CPHCs have built certified projects in locations ranging from Nova Scotia to Louisiana, Washington State to Virginia. PHIUS+ Certified and Pre-Certified projects now total more than 1.1 million square feet across 1,200 units from coast to coast.

Certification Plaque


Once you have certified your project, let the world know that it meets PHIUS+ standards for efficiency, comfort, and quality. Like a passive house, these durable certification plaques are built to last; each comes with stainless steel standoff mounting hardware that allows you to mount it wherever you want it to be seen.

PHIUS+ Certified: Opaque orange/white graphic on clear acrylic, measures 7” x 9” x 1/2”
Source Zero: White graphic on clear acrylic, measures 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 1/2"

PHIUS+ Certification Plaque $75

PHIUS+ Project Certification #

PHIUS+ Source Zero Plaque $75

Project #

Please enter the PHIUS+ project number; you can find it on the PHIUS+ Certified Projects Database

  • Third-party RESNET approved quality assurance/quality control

  • Earns U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) status

  • Earns U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indoor airPLUS label

  • Includes HERS rating

The PHIUS+ Certification Program is the leading passive building certification program in North America. It is the only passive building certification that combines a thorough passive house design verification protocol with a stringent Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program performed onsite by highly skilled and specialized PHIUS+ Raters and Verifiers. The benefits of PHIUS+ certification include:

  • PHIUS+ 2015 Climate-Specific & Cost-Optimized Performance Metrics*
    The PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard targets the sweet spot where aggressive energy and carbon reduction overlap with cost effectiveness, taking into account a full range of variables including climate zone, source energy, and costs. The PHIUS Technical Committee and Building Science Corporation developed the standard over three years under a U.S. DOE Building America Grant. Read more about the PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard here

  • Comprehensive Design and Energy Model Review
    Passive buildings in North American climates present unique design challenges; even small missteps can lead to big problems. The PHIUS Certification team is made up of some of the most experienced passive house professionals in North America. They thoroughly review projects at the design stage, identify problems, and work with project designers to help projects achieve performance targets.

  • Rigorous Quality Assurance
    Project testing and inspections are conducted by experienced HERS Raters, trained by PHIUS to work on PHIUS+ projects. The on-site inspections and testing help to assure PHIUS and the project teams that the buildings will perform as designed.

  • Earn U.S. DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Status
    PHIUS has partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program (formerly known as Challenge Home); all PHIUS+ certified projects earn ZERH and ENERGY STAR designations. In addition, through the Zero Energy Ready Home Lender Partner program, the DOE is identifying and promoting financial institutions that offer green mortgage appraisals to homes certified under the ZERH, EPA ENERGY STAR Certified Home, and PHIUS+ programs.
    For more information on specific performance requirements of the standard and to see how PHIUS+ 2015 certification stacks up against other programs, download the PHIUS+ 2015 DOE "Cliffs Notes" PDF

  • Earn U.S. EPA Indoor airPLUS label
    To earn PHIUS+ 2015 certification, all homes/units must also be labeled to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indoor airPLUS. EPA’s Indoor airPLUS qualification builds on the foundation of EPA's ENERGY STAR requirements for new homes and includes additional construction specifications to provide comprehensive indoor air quality protections in new homes. The benefit for a builder is the ability to offer the buyer not only a home that performs above the industry standard for energy efficiency, but also a safer, healthier, more durable home and additional peace-of-mind. For questions about Indoor airPLUS, contact Refer also to the program’s Construction Specifications: Version 1 (Rev. 03)Indoor airPLUS Technical Guidance, and learn more about how to Join Indoor airPLUS.
    Learn more about the Indoor airPLUS program in this free webinar or download this informational overview of program requirements and resources

  • RESNET HERS Index Score
    Most PHIUS+ projects will automatically receive a RESNET HERS Index score as part of certification. The RESNET HERS Index is the leading industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. Many local, state, and federal financial incentive programs require a HERS Index to demonstrate compliance with these programs.

  • Listing on the PHIUS+ Certified Projects Database
    PHIUS+ certified projects are included with pertinent project information and photos on the PHIUS+ Certified Projects Database.

Submit your project for PHIUS+ certification here!


* NOTE: All projects registered with PHIUS after September 15, 2015 must certify under the PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard. See the Submit a Project for Certification page for more information.

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