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PHIUS Certified Data for Window Performance Program

Sourcing windows for a passive or other high-performance building project? 

See the listing of PHIUS Certified Data for Windows. For each window listed, you can download a certificate with climate specific recommendations and comprehensive data about the window. You can also download THERM files for each.

  • PHIUS Certified Data for Windows Listing 
  • IECC Climate zone map for reference 

Note that on the certificate for each window, the climate zone labels differ slightly from the IECC map as follows:

  • Certificate label 2 East = Map label 2A
  • Certificate label 2 West = Map label 2B
  • Certificate label Marine North = Map label 4C
  • Certificate label Marine South = Map label 3C

Are you a window manufacturer or supplier?

We encourage high-performance window manufacturers to participate in the PHIUS Certified Data Windows. 

  • Doing so benefits manufacturers and their customers, and can aid passive house adoption in the United States and Canada 
  • The program is intended to simplify and grow the North American market for high-performance windows, giving passive house designers, construction professionals, and their clients a wider range of confident choices of windows by climate zone.

If you are a manufacturer who wishes to submit your product for the program, download a full description of the program and application here.

Climate Zone Recommendation Criteria

  • PHIUS ratings are determined for specific combinations of frame, glazing, and spacer edge seal, using EN-673, EN-410, and ISO 10077-based calculation methods. PHIUS recommends (but does not warrant) products for use in various climates, based on thermal performance.  
  • Whole-window installed U-values are calculated including a nominal installation thermal bridge coefficient of 0.026 W/m.K (0.015 Btu/h.ft.F).

If you have questions: Graham Wright, Senior Scientist and Chair of the PHIUS Technical Committee,

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