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CPHC® CEU Program

Apply for PHIUS CPHC CEUs for your Event

Providers: How to Submit Events for Qualification of CPHC CEUs

Events must be submitted and approved by PHIUS for CPHC CEUs in advance. 

In general, to qualify, a program should address:

  • Building science topics pertaining to passive house
  • Design and construction techniques pertaining to passive house
  • Materials updates (generic, not promotional) pertaining to passive house

To submit a program for consideration for CPHC CEUs, please fill out this online form. Please direct any questions to

  • Apply at least three weeks before the event.
  • Upon approval you will receive a self-report link and verification code, which must be provided to your attendees at the completion of your event.
  • Qualifying events will be listed in the CEU Opportunities/Self-Reporting page. 

Click here to qualify your event for PHIUS CPHC CEUs

First launched in 2008, PHIUS established the CPHC® credential to distinguish accomplished passive house professionals in the marketplace. The CPHC designation is a registered certification mark for professionals working in the field of passive building design and consulting.

  • Professionals with CPHC status have taken the PHIUS CPHC training and passed a rigorous two-part exam consisting of a computer-based examination and a take-home design exercise.
  • CPHC status is valid for three years. For administrative purposes, expiration dates are set at either January 15 or July 15, whichever follows the date of the certification exam passed by the CPHC. 

In response to the ongoing evolution of the passive building industry since the CPHC program was first implemented, PHIUS instituted the CPHC Continuing Education (CEU) program in 2012. The CEU program enables practitioners to keep their skills relevant and up-to-date by requiring ongoing education on the latest tools, standards, materials, and advancements in the industry. 


Maintaining/Extending CPHC Status

A nominal maintenance fee will be billed on a yearly basis starting on January 15, 2018. One listing fee will be due per professional regardless of the number of certified credentials held by that professional. (For example a CPHC® who is also a Builder, will be subject to a single maintenance fee.)

The fee will help maintain and improve the listing database and assist in the development of the continuing education programs for all professionals.

Additionally CPHCs can maintain/extend their certification status through either one of the following methods:

1. Accumulate 36 PHIUS-approved Continuing Education Units before the expiration date.

Successfully completing the required CEUs will maintain/extend the CPHC’s professional credential status by three years. Approved continuing education activities include the programs listed below.

Programs presented by PHIUS and PHAUS:

Programs presented by providers other than PHIUS and PHAUS:

  • Participate in PHIUS-approved CEU programming. Upcoming CPHC CEU-eligible events are listed on the CPHC CEU Self-Report page (1 CEU per hour of instruction).

2. Complete a PHIUS+ Certified Passive Building project.

Successfully certifying a project will maintain/extend the CPHC’s professional credential status by three years.


Qualifying an Event for CPHC CEUs

To submit a webinar, presentation, training, or other educational event to qualify for CPHC CEU credits, please follow the steps below.

  • Submit programs at least three weeks prior to the event date to allow enough time for approval of CPHC CEUs and AIA CES (if applicable) and marketing of the event. Please note that programs cannot be approved for CEUs after they have occurred.
  • Refer to the inset on this page for instructions on how to submit your event for CPHC CEUs.
  • Upon approval, the program will be listed in the CPHC® CEU Opportunities & Self-Reporting page, and via social media. If submitted sufficiently in advance, the event may be advertised in the monthly PHIUS newsletter. PHAUS Chapter events will be promoted via the PHAUS Newsletter or special PHAUS Announcement.
  • If you are attending an event you would like to qualify for PHIUS CEUs but are not the organizer, please contact the organizer and ask them to fill out the request form.


Keeping Track of Your CPHC Status

CPHCs will receive a quarterly email update that includes their current certification expiration date and total CEUs accumulated to date. It will also include all CEU-eligible events (and whether the CPHC participated and earned CEUs for them) dating back to the previous email update. Any discrepancies or issues should be reported to PHIUS as soon as possible by emailing


What To Do if Your CPHC Certification Expires

A CPHC who fails to meet one of the above requirements by their expiration date will be removed from the CPHC database and their credential will no longer be considered valid. A CPHC whose certification status has expired can reactivate their certification by taking and passing the current in-class portion of the CPHC exam

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