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CPHC® Trainer Training

SPRING TRAINING: Become a CPHC® Instructor!

The demand for CPHC training continues to grow, and PHIUS is looking for experienced CPHCs who have the right stuff to join our elite team of CPHC trainers.

If you're accepted to the program, you'll get classroom instruction from current PHIUS trainers, who'll share their instructional expertise and their considerable real-world passive building experience. These are seasoned professionals who've successfully designed and completed single family, multi family, and commercial passive building projects. 

After your classroom instruction, you'll also team with a current instructor/mentor to teach a CPHC program.

The CPHC credential is the oldest and most broadly held passive building credential--and CPHC instructors are highly regarded and widely respected as high performance building experts. If you want to join their ranks, here are the requirements and application process: 

Application Requirements:
  • hold a current CPHC® certificate
  • have certified 2-4 PHIUS(+) passive projects; ideally among them one or more multifamily or commercial passive building
  • fluent in WUFI® Passive
  • fluent in THERM
  • advanced knowledge of mechanical design
Training dates/requirements:
  • March 23-25: attend 2.5-day in-depth training at the PHIUS Offices in Chicago
  • March 25, 12:00 - 3:00 pm: CPHC Trainers' Exam
  • Spring/Summer 2018: co-train along side an experienced PHIUS CPHC trainer at one of the upcoming CPHC in-class training sessions (see initial schedule above, additional 2018 dates to come)
  • Upon successful completion of the training and passing the online exam, newly certified trainers will be scheduled for upcoming trainings in locations of their preference around the country 

Apply by emailing:
Please include a cover letter, CV and evidence of meeting all above listed Application Requirements and any other relevant experience.

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