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CPHC Certification Exam Dates & Registration

PHIUS established the Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC®) credential to distinguish accomplished passive house professionals in the marketplace. CPHCs are listed in the PHIUS CPHC database and join a robust community of passive building practitioners across North America.

The CPHC exam covers basic building science, the principles of the PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard, and passive building calculations and design principles. To achieve CPHC certification, candidates must: 

  • Take and pass (70 percent or better) a three-hour in-class computer-based exam. Candidates are required to use their own computers for this component of the certification exam.
  • The exam will be offered in the afternoon on the last day of CPHC in-class training. The exam may also occasionally be offered independently of training sessions; refer to the table below for upcoming test dates.
  • Candidate must also complete and pass a take-home design exercise within three weeks of taking the computer-based exam.
  • Please note, registration for both In-Class and Take-Home exam closes 48-hours prior to your selected location's exam time.

Exam Day

The exam lasts three hours, however please allow four hours to accommodate computer set-up, test instructions, and other administrative details.

In-Class Exam Content and Scoring

The CPHC exam consists of four sections with the following weightings:

  • Basic Building Science Principles (multiple choice) - 10%
  • PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard (multiple choice) - 30%
  • Passive House Calculations (multiple choice) - 30%
  • Passive House Design (take-home design exercise) - 30%

The exam is open-book and you are allowed to bring any notes, slide printouts and/or books you feel will be useful. You may also bring a non-programmable calculator. Calculation precision is critical for the exam, so if you do use your own calculator be sure that it is not set to round your results. The use of smartphones or internet resources is not permitted during the exam.

Take-Home Exam

The Take-Home portion of the CPHC exam will be distributed via the Online Training Platform on your scheduled exam date. The Take-Home is due 3-weeks from the date of distribution. Upload your completed exam files to the Online Training Platform.


Examinees who score 70 percent or higher overall on the combined computer-based and take-home exam will receive the CPHC credential from PHIUS. 


Locations, Dates and Times

Location Class Dates In-Class Exam Date In-Class Exam Time Take-Home Exam Due Date

Philadelphia, PA

2401 Walnut St. #103, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Apr. 24-28

Apr. 28

1:00 - 5:00 pm

May 21

Boston, MA @ Perkins+Will

225 Franklin Street,
Boston, MA 02112

July 25-29 July 29 1:00 - 5:00 pm August 21
New York City
Location: Manhattan (exact TBA)
Aug 14-18 Aug 18 1:00 - 5:00 pm September 10


Exam Registration Fees

  • Pro-Level PHAUS Members*: $275
  • Non-Members*: $300 
  • Non-CPHC class participants (WUFI Passive Training required)*: $400

If you wish to re-take only one portion of the exam (either the in-class computer-based portion or the take-home design exam), pricing is as follows:

  • In-Class Exam*: $150 USD
  • Take-Home Design Exercise: $150 USD

* The Practice Exam is included with the noted exam registrations above, otherwise pricing is as follows:

  • Practice Exam Only: $25



Use the link below to register for the full exam or either portion of the exam.

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