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A program of PHIUS, Passive House Alliance US (PHAUS) provides a chapter/membership structure to support the growing community of passive building professionals in the United States.

Through networking opportunities and other forums, PHAUS members connect with one another and with industry representatives. In partnership with PHIUS technical staff, PHAUS provides training opportunities and disseminates technical information and research.

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Get Ready for #NAPHC2016!

11th Annual North American Passive House Conference will be held in PHiladelPHia, PA!

Pre-Conference: September 21-22
Core Conference: September 23-24
Passive Projects Tour: September 25
Exhibit Hall Open: September 22-24

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Get Trained, Get Certified

PHAUS members get substantial discounts on PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC®) Training, Certified Builder Training, PHIUS+ Rater training, as well as workshops and webinars.

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PHAUS offers individual and corporate memberships that include discounts on the annual conference, training, and other benefits.

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Sponsorship offers high-performance building component manufacturers to get their products in front of a highly knowledgeable, qualified audience: The passive building community.

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