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Mission and History of PHIUS


PHIUS began offering Certified Passive House Consultant Training in 2008, and immediately triggered national demand for the courses. As more and more professionals earned certification, local and regional ad hoc communities began to form. To facilitate and support these communities, PHIUS launched a new program--the Passive House Alliance US--a membership/chapter organization that, as a program of PHIUS, is also non-profit.


PHIUS and PHAUS share the same ultimate mission, which is why the two organizations share this Web space. Where PHIUS is focused on research, trainining curriculum, and technical standards, PHAUS focuses on outreach and building community among practitioners and manufacturers. The PHAUS program is governed by a council and committee structure, and it's Executive Committee sits on the PHIUS board. PHAUS today has hundreds of members across the country, and dozens of chapters. PHAUS collaborates with PHIUS ot present the Annual North American Passive House conference, and offers Webinar and other professional development opportunities nationally through the year. 


Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) is a 501(c)3 organization committed to making high-performance passive building principles the mainstream best building practice, and the mainstream market energy performance standard.

PHIUS' roots trace back to 2002, when Katrin Klingenberg, a German-born and trained architect, built her own passive house residence in Urbana, Ill.  The Smith House, Klingenberg's passive house residence, Urbana, Ill.

Klingenberg eventually established the non-profit e-colab Building Construction laboratory, which went on to develop affordable passive housing in partnership with the city of Urbana. As word spread, and demand for knowledge and training grew, Klingenberg and Mike Kernagis--the construciton manager on e-colab's affordable projects--founded PHIUS in 2007. PHIUS took e-colab's non-profit status, keeping e-colab as a program under a larger umbrella. PHIUS took a national and international scope, with the intent of providing research, training, certification and outreach.  

From humble beginnings, PHIUS has made great strides toward making passive building a mainstream market force, and best practice. PHIUS has trained more than 1,700 architects, engineers, energy consultants, energy raters, and builders. It also is the leading certifier of passive buildings, with more than 120 single and multifamily projects certified and more than that in the pipeline.

Since 2006, PHIUS has presented the largest passive house conference in North America, bringing together building scientists, engineers, policy makers and others to share the latest knowledge and experience in passive building. In 2014, the 9th Annual North American Passive House Conference took place in the San Francisco Bay area, September 10-14. The 2015 event will be in Chicago.

PHIUS has also advanced passive building through partnerships and strategic relationships with key government, educational, corporate, and affordable housing organizations including the U.S. Department of Energy, RESNET, Carnegie Mellon University, Parsons College, University of Oregon, Habitat for Humanity, Rocky Mountain Institute and others. 


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